Zanna + Jack’s birthday bash! ✯

To all members of the family,

I understand that some of you have prior engagements, and can’t join us in the New Forest on the 8th July.  Never mind  –  the important thing was to get members of our family to get together, and I’m sure there will be other opportunities.  Both Chris and Twink have big birthdays in sight.
Or someone could get married?  Any volunteers?

For those who are coming on the 8th, here are the arrangements made so far.

I have booked lunch at The Red Shoot at 1.00.  This is a place that Chris knows and likes.  If anyone gets there early, they have plenty of outside space where you can have a relax and some refreshment while you wait.  The lunch itself will be indoors.  If you look at their website you can see their menu and make a choice of main meal, and I will get our order in so that we don’t waste too much of our precious time together.

I suggest that I pay the bill, and if anyone wants to contribute afterwards they are welcome to do so, but not obliged in any way.
BH24 3QT

After that we adjourn to Rhinefield Ornamental Drive: a favourite of both Chris’s and our Mum and Dad.  It’s pretty close to the pub and there’s a car park and a picnic area.  We can have a shortish walk together,  –  not obligatory but it’s nice to walk and chat isn’t it  –  and then have a picnic!  So, please can everyone bring a little something to their own taste.  Thermos flasks in the old tradition (I can smell it now)  or even a stove whereon we can make a brew, though not a primus, which I can also smell.

I have ordered sunshine for this day.  If it doesn’t get delivered in sufficient quantities we can work out an alternative to Rhinefield when we are all together.  I suggest we keep the timing flexible for those who need to get off home early.  For myself, I’m sure I’ll be happy to stay in this glorious environment for as long as possible with as many of you as possible.

I will be coming along with Solomon, Becky, Jude, Sehra, Solomonito and Jack.  We will be coming from Salisbury.   It is Jack’s birthday on the 9th too.  He will be 10. As I’ve said already, I sincerely do not want you to bring a present for me, but cards ARE nice to keep, and Jack would appreciate a thought as well seeing as he won’t be at home for his birthday on account of me.

Alison had the brilliant idea of setting up this page, bless her, and perhaps we can organise phone numbers.  I only have a Spanish phone number so best not run up bills by ringing me, and so  . . . . . .

With love and very best wishes to all,